1. Two books will be issued to every student for a period of 14 Days only.

2. A fine of Rs. 3/- per book per day will be charged for the books returned after the due date.

3. Reference books/rare books shall not be issued except for consultation in the library.

4. The college reserves the right of recalling a book whenever necessary.

5. If a student loses or damages a library book, he / she will be required to replace if or pay penalty equal to double its price along with usual late return fine of Rs. 1/- per day.

6. The College has a rich Book Bank. The book will be issued to student after deposit Rs. 500/- as security money in S.B.I. Bazar Branch Sharif (Nalanda).

7. The librarian has the authority to debar a student´┐Żs entry from making use of the library if he/she talks loudly and creates disturbance.

8. In addition to Central Library there are departmental Libraries.